古賀 亜希子


【文/杉田 敦】

古賀亜希子の作品は、室内や室外の何気ないシーンを撮影した作品だ。階段の片隅に置かれた置物や、壁に掛けられたかわいらしい飾り付け、テーブルの上に並べられた細々としたアクセサリー、鮮やかな緑色の造花、デコラティブな額縁に収められたお気に入りの写真。それらは全て、そこに暮らす幸せな家族のかけがえのない品々だ。古賀はそれらのシーンを、幸せにまどろむ女性たちとの会話を通して探りあてていく。むせかえるような幸福の光景。けれどもやがて、そこに何か軋むような音が聞こえてく る。音はしだいに大きくなり、ついには耳をおおいたくなる。いつしか、甘いとろけるような光景は、醗酵して重たい毒気を放ち始める。

古賀の作品は、エイヤ=リサ・アハティラやエマニュエル・アンティレの作品を連想させる。アハティラのそれが神経症の女性たちとの会話を、アンティレのそれが自身の夢から構築されているのに対して、古賀のそれは知人の女性との静かな会話から構築されている。アハティラやアンティレの映像作品に比べれば、古賀の作品はつつましくオーソドックスなものだ。けれどもだからこそそれは、誰もが逃れがたく縛られている日常生活の奥底にあるものを知らせることにもなる。もちろん、それは古賀が言葉 を交わした女性だけに言えることではない。作家である古賀自身はもちろん、古賀の作品にたたずむわたしたち誰もが秘めているものなのだ。



Hera’s long and gentle hair

SUGITA Athushi, Art Critics/Professor of Joshibi University of Art and Design “Hera’s gentle and long hair” KOBO2, Tokyo 2004

The pieces of works of KOGA Akiko are casual scenes shot indoor and outdoor.The Figurine in a corner of steps, the decor hanging on the wall, the knicks and knacks on the table, the bright green artificial flower, pictures in a decorative frame- all of these are most prized possessions belongs to a happy family living there.KOGA is finding these scenes through talking with ladies to be blissful.These are very happy scenes, but eventually we begin to hear the creaking sound. The creaking sound is gradually getting louder, and eventually we would like to cover our ears. Sweet and melting scenes are gradually fermented, and started to rot and poisonous.

The works of Koga brought up the images of Eija-Liisa Ahtila or Emmanuelle Antille. Ahtila’s works were created based on conversation with women suffering from neurosis, and Antille’s were based on her dreams. In comparison, KOGA’s were based on calm conversation with her friend.As compared to Ahtila and Antille’s image products, KOGA’s works are humble and orthodox.However, for this reason, her works let us know the deepest in every man’s daily life that tied up with but wishing to escape from it.Of course, the women who had a conversation with KOGA is not the only ones.All of us stand in front of her works as well as KOGA herself, as an artist, have such a feeling inside.

The title, Hera, is a goddess of marriage and childbirth in Greek Methology.However, Hera was known for her jealous and vengeful nature. Despite the fact that Hera was not Hercules’ mother, and despite her hostile actions — such as sending two snakes to kill him when he was a newborn baby.Insanity sticks to happiness in the back. Hera’s undulating gentle hair appears more like snakes, eventually. 

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